About Us

I started Perfectly Well in 2011 after undertaking a couple hCG diet sessions. I was exhilarated with my success and very happy with my new body. I thought others would be interested in learning/experiencing the same. So I put together a package and started to talk with folks about it. I’m still keen on hCG but really am motivated to help people make healthy choices and stick with the program. Sustainable maintenance… that’s the key.

The ‘business’ part of PW has to do with my long-time fascination and interaction with technology. Computers in law offices in the early 80s, fledgling database apps, early DOS, all that.

Today we have free blogs and e-books. New and better and fast moving digi-slingers, social everything. How to manage it all. Enter PW business.

PW is an evolving process like the world we live in!

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